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By Eamon O'Kane


An international touring exhibition of new commissioned work

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Click on exhibition titles for installation views or on venue name to go to the relevant website

The Place of Three Bridges
Rugby at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, UK
July 8 – August 31, 2008

Panorama: I Like Shopping Centres And Shopping Centres Like Me
The Economist Plaza
July 25 — September 5, 2008

Meditations On An Ideal Home
Galerie Schuster, Berlin, Germany
5 September– 25 October, 2008

The Architect’s House

Rare Gallery, New York, USA
15 November - 20 December, 2008

Plans For The Past and The Future
Plan 9, Bristol, UK
9 January - 15 February 2009

ArtSway, New Forest, UK
27 June - 23 August 2009

The House and The Tree, Installation, RCCL, Ireland, 2008











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